15 Cars Everyone Gets Fooled Into Collecting (And 5 We Need To Buy Now)

15 Cars Everyone Gets Fooled Into Collecting (And 5 We Need To Buy Now)

Say the word “supercar” to a gearhead, and the chances are you will see their eyes glaze over as they start to dream of having their very own collection of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and Bugatti cars. However, not every supercar really is that super, and some seem to have been given the name under false pretenses; not that this has stopped serious collectors from hunting them down to make sure they have one of these vehicles in their garage.

Some of the biggest car collections in the world are blessed with many of the greatest cars ever made, including the Sultan of Brunei, whose own collection numbers more than 5,000 vehicles, including 300 Ferraris and 600 Rolls Royces! Even Jay Leno’s much more modest car collection contains a few gems, such as an Ariel Atom, one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world, and a McLaren P1, the first ever hybrid supercar.

If you have ambitions to start your own car collection, then you probably have a few dream cars that you already have on your wish list. It is equally important, however, that anyone with money to burn on a few supercars for their garage doesn’t get talked into buying a vehicle just because it is unusual.

The cars on this list may be innovative creations, but they are anything but supercars, and car collectors should steer well clear.

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20 Don’t Collect – DMC DeLorean

Via autoexpress.co.uk

The DMC DeLorean may now be a cult classic, thanks to its starring role in the Back to the Future trilogy, but that doesn’t make it a great addition to a car collection. Even Marty McFly, played by Michael J.Fox, is incredulous that inventor Doc Brown has chosen to make his time machine out of a DeLorean.

With its vertical-lift doors, and futuristic design – in the 80s, at least – the DeLorean may have looked like a supercar, but its performance let it down badly, and it struggled to go from 0 to 60mph in less than 10 seconds.

19 Don’t Collect – MTX Tatra

Via en.wheelsage.org

The Czech Republic isn’t noted as a great car-building nation. This is the country, after all, which brought us the Skoda, the butt of many motoring jokes in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s. The region is also home to another automotive company, Tatra, the second oldest car manufacturer in the world, and in 1991 they created their very own “supercar”, the MVX Tatra.

Only four were ever made, which explains why some collectors might get excited on the rare occasion one comes on the market, but the MVX makes it easy to see why Tatra was not famed for their stylish automotive design.

18 Don’t Collect – Lamborghini Countach

Via rmsothebys.com

Surely any car collector should be proud to have any Lamborghini in his collection? Well, within reason, yes, but there is little doubt that when it comes to Lamborghinis, some are more equal than others! The 1980 Lamborghini Countach was a highly desirable set of wheels in its day, but it just looks outdated when you compare to some of the 21st-century supercars.

All those straight lines and hard edges make the Countach look as though it has driven straight off the set of an 80s movie – probably by the bad guy. If you’re going to buy a Countach, don’t go retro.

17 Don’t Collect – Ferrari F40

Via rmsothebys.com

Likewise, when it comes to supercar shopping lists, Ferrari is going to pretty near the top along with their fellow Italian automotive rival. But like the Lamborghini Countach, not all Ferraris have stood the test of time. The Ferrari F40, for example, was created to celebrate the company’s 40th birthday in 1987, and one model owned by Formula One star Nigel Mansell was sold for $1 million – a record which stood until the 2010s.

But the hefty price tag is not the only reason you should steer clear of this commemorative car; it also looks rather bulky for a Ferrari and seems to be missing some of that style which makes other Ferraris so eye-catching.

16 Don’t Collect – Mitsuoka Orochi

Via drivekulture.com

The Mitsuoka Orochi may be a 21st-century supercar, but there are still plenty of reasons that motorists with money to burn should resist having one these vehicles in their collection. The Orochi, which gets its name from an eight-headed dragon, has a rather unusual look, and while it may appeal to some, real car collectors always have their eye on the resale value and the possibility of profit.

Developed as a concept car in 2001, the first of a limited run of 400 Mitsuoka Orochi models went on sale in 2007, and immediately faced poor reviews for its lack of power.

15 Don’t Collect – Vector M12

Via oogazone.com

If there is one decade noted for having poorer taste than the 1980s, then it’s the 1990s – just when our next supercar was launched on an unsuspecting market. Another rarity – only 17 Vector M12 models were ever made by US company Vector Automotive – it is…

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