McLaren F1 LM-Specification Breaks Record at Monterey Car Week With $19.8-Million Sale

McLaren F1 LM-Specification Breaks Record at Monterey Car Week With $19.8-Million Sale

Monterey Car Week is currently in full swing and the roads of Central California are buzzing with some of the rarest cars on earth, but all eyes were fixed on the RM Sotheby’s booth this weekend. That’s because a McLaren F1 LM-Specification, arguably the star of Pebble Beach this year, sold for more than $19 million at auction after fees.

RM Sotheby’s confirmed that the ultra-rare hypercar sold for $19,805,000 when all was said and done on Friday at the auction company’s Monterey sale.  This is actually less than the dizzying $21 million-$23 million price RM estimated the car would go for, but it’s still the most expensive F1 ever sold at auction, and for good reason.

This car is one of just two McLaren F1s to receive the LM-Specification upgrade, which puts it on the same level as the track-only F1 LMs, themselves an homage to the Le Mans-winning F1 GTR race car. The two road-going F1s to receive the upgrade were sent back to the factory where McLaren installed a high-downforce kit, adding front fender vents, more aerodynamic side skirts, and a large rear wing. The BMW 6.1-liter V-12 power plant was also freed of its restraints, boosting power to 680 horses and bringing the redline up to 8,500 RPM. Thanks to RM Sotheby’s, we can now hear what it sounds like at full shout.

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