Kylie Jenner’s luxury car collection: Bugatti, Rolls Royce

Kylie Jenner’s luxury car collection: Bugatti, Rolls Royce

Aside from having nearly 150 million followers on Instagram and a pricey collection of rare Hermès handbags, Kylie Jenner also has an impressive collection of luxury cars. 

Ranging from a new $3 million white Bugatti Chiron to an orange Lamborghini Aventador, the 22-year-old makeup mogul has a car for just about every occasion. ELLE Australia reports that her impressive collection even includes an ultra-rare $2.2 million dollar LaFerrari Aperta and estimates that her entire fleet is worth more than $14 million. 

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And though Jenner recently deleted an Instagram video showing off her luxe new Bugatti, plenty of car photos remain on her feed, proving that the top mogul is also a top car collector.

Keep reading to see which other luxury cars Jenner has collected over the years.

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