Fastest street-legal cars of the decade

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Bugatti recently broke the world record for the fastest supercar with a top speed of 304.77 mph in the Bugatti Chiron.As we take a look at the past decade, you can see just how quickly we progressed to finally breaking the 300 mph barrier in a production car.Automakers like Koenigsegg,…

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Video: Great Dane: Zenvo ST1

The Danish Zenvo ST1 is an 1104-hp monster featuring a completely reworked Z06-sourced 7.0L V-8. Only 15 models are available worldwide at a price of ... Cool Supercar Video! Original Video Source Video Views: 127921 Video Rating: 4.60 Keywords: Zenvo ST1

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Video: Bugatti Veyron vs Zenvo ST1

Here is the Bugatti vs Zenvo ST1 and I want you guys to comment below on which car you think is better. Thank you and hope you enjoy. -Jared. Cool Supercar Video! Original Video Source Video Views: 143948 Video Rating: nan

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